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Managing your call with the Online Meeting Room

Last Updated: Sep 26, 2017 03:53AM PDT

If you would like to manage your call from your computer - whether you are taking part in the conference or not - even if you choose to access the call via your phone at the same time, you can login to your account and monitor a conference from your PC, tablet or smart phone.


See when callers arrive and leave -  mute participants' lines - make another caller the moderator - disconnect an unwanted participant - initiate recording or end the entire call at the click of a mouse.


To access the Online Meeting Room simply login to your account online at and click on 'Start'.

How to Join Online Meeting Room

You will then be able to choose if you join the call as normal, with your audio active, by clicking on 'Internet'. Or if you do not wish to participate and simply view and manage the call with your audio deactivated (meaning that you will not be able to hear or be heard during the conference), then click on 'View only'. Note that if you choose the 'View only' option, you will still be able to activate the audio while the call is taking place, by clicking on the 'Audio' icon.


This will take you to the following screen where you will be able to see the first 6 digits of all participants' phone numbers on your call in the square tiles. Your call in information is visible in the top left of your screen, if you need to quickly text or email it to any new participants. Hovering over a tile, you will be given the option to mute/unmute, disconnect or make that caller a moderator. Moderators can be identified by the star symbol on the top left corner of their tile.

Online controls FreeConference web call Meeting Room

At the top right you will see the following list of options. If you wish to leave the Online Meeting Room, click on 'Hang Up'. If you are participating in the conference from your computer, then clicking on 'Mute' will mute your own line, but you will still be able to hear others on the call. To turn your video off, click on 'Video'.

FreeConference Menu Online Meeting

Click on RECORD to initiate recording of your conference. You will see this option change so that you can stop the recording using the same button (note that this is a premium service - visit our Add-On store for more info:


FreeConference Meeting Room MenuFor more options during your call hover your mouse over the 'Menu' button on the far right and the following options will be displayed.

To invite a new participant while the call is active, select Add Participants and you will be shown a window where you can select an email address from your Address Book or enter a new email contact.

Clicking on Moderator controls will take you to another window where you can change the conference mute mode or end the call (see below).

Help will take you to our Support Center and Go to dashboard will disconnect you from the call, taking you back to your account home page.


Moderator Controls in FreeConference Online Meeting Room

Moderator Controls in the Online Meeting Room


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